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Golfers bet on who can get closest to the pin

Golfers were today set to take part in a "nearest to the pin" contest in a recreation of one of the first events to take place on Leith Links.

The contest, which citizens are said to have bet vast amounts of money on in the 19th century, is being held as part of Leith Gala Day. Organiser Tim Bell, a member of the Leith Rules Golf Society, said the event would ensure there was a historical twist to the celebrations.

He said: "As part of the fun on Leith Links on Gala Day there has to be something that goes back in Leith longer than the day itself, and there is. Golf is being played for prizes, just like the old days, when huge wagers were won and lost in a day.

"No-one is going that far this time, but for a tiny charge everyone can have a go."

Each participant, for 50p, will have three shots to see who can chip, putt or pitch the ball closest to the flag on the site of the home of the earliest written rules of golf.

Source: Evening News, Saturday, 9th June, 2007