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City golfers getting to grips with modern technology

Golfers brushing up their game at the Melville Golf Centre on the outskirts of Edinburgh are among the first in the world to use a revolutionary piece of equipment.

A new practice called Power Tee has been installed in 12 bays at the Lasswade driving range and owner Alastair Macfarlane says it is proving popular with regular customers.

"We are among the first driving ranges in the world to install this exciting new technology and they are so easy to use, making practice much more effective, whatever your age and ability," he said.

"The fact you don't have to keep breaking your grip and stance to set up each new ball means you can get into a really good rhythm - and that's excellent for building a consistent golf swing.

"Also, the Power Tee gives you a choice of four different standard tee heights and up to 40 incremental heights simply at the press of a button so it means you can practice effectively with a full range of clubs.

"As you're not bending down between shots to set up the next ball you do feel a lot fresher at the end of hitting a basket of balls."

Power Tee is the invention of Martin Wyeth, who was hitting balls at a driving range one day, with varying degrees of success, and became increasingly frustrated by the inefficiency of conventional practice due to the need to take one hand off the club and move feet after every shot to set up the next ball.

Source: Martin Dempster, Evening News, Tuesday, 29th December, 2009