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Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf – 1st May 2014

On a dry but cold and breezy evening, eleven members played in the May Medal. Scoring was not particularly low but better on average than the first two competitions, members must be learning to cope with the lush grass round most of the greens and the bumpiness of the greens, some of which have definite small bare areas.

On the subject of the course and although not affecting play, numerous bumps, particularly in the area of holes 15, 16 and 17, had been scalped by the mower which is not something I have particularly noticed before.

Congratulations are due to Cameron Gardner (108–0=108) on winning the May Medal from Stuart Thomson (110–2=108) on the basis of having the better inward half.

On playing the 23rd hole, William Wright’s tee shot on line with the pin, bounced before the green, hit the top of an exposed rock, bounced high in the air and landed some distance up the 26th hole.
(Potential danger to mowing machines?)

Towards the end of the competition, a drunken female emerging from the Golf Tavern removed one the pins from a green and was making off with it. Luckily, our own Usain Bolt (Chester Kruk) gave chase and the thief dropped the pin before exiting the course.

In the report for the April Medal, I omitted to mention that Clark Munro had the first hole-in-one of the season at the 6th hole, humble apologies Clark.

Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club – Scores
May Medal
Place  Member Gross H'cap Net
1  Cameron Gardner 108 0 108
2  Stuart Thomson 110 2 108
3  David Rintoul 121 11 110
4  Fraser Gordon 115 4 111
5  Chester Kruk 121 9 112
6  Scott Allison 112 0 112
7  James Morton 108 +6 114
8  Paul Middleton 103 +12 115
9  William Wright 114 +2 116
10  John Hargreaves 119 0 119
11  John Hunter* 115 F/H  

* New exact handicap 4