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The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links
as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of
the game's prominent early locations

The Hickory Open 2007

On Saturday 7th July, 16 teams sought to come out on top in the 5th holding of the Hickory Open.

Right from the start it was clear that the heavy underfoot conditions were having an affect on the scoring, there being absolutely no run on the ball and the overnight rain seemed to have caused the grass to sprout wings since the Friday evening!

As well as our main sponsors, we are indebted to the following sponsors of the 2007 events...

Georgian Antiques (Robin Morris and John Dixon) and Bruntsfield Short Hole (Steven Doyle and Paul Middleton) qualified for the final with scores of 41 and 42 for the 10 qualifying holes played.

Georgian Antiques took an early lead but were quickly pegged back, Bruntsfield being 1 up at the halfway stage. Wins at the 6th and 7th put the men from the south side of the city in a commanding lead and a half at the 8th hole was enough for a well-deserved victory.

The 3rd/4th place play-off was between Heriot's FP (Iain Crichton & David Kirkwood) and Musselburgh Old Gold Club A (Bill Finnigan & Stevie Hill), who had posted qualifying scores of 43 and 44. Heriot's quickly established a strong lead but the same "never say die" spirit that MOGC showed when winning the event last year saw the match draw level by the end of 10 holes. 5 extra holes were tied, both teams deciding to shake hands in front of the clubhouse for a very honourable draw.

Qualifying scores (10 holes)
41 - Georgian Antiques
42 - Bruntsfield Short Hole
43 - Heriot's FP
44 - Musselburgh Old Golf Club A
44 - Old Contemptibles
46 - Musselburgh Old Golf Club B;
        British Golf Collectors' Society A
        Ultimate Golf Challenge
        Foot of Leith Walk Golfing Society II
49 - Pony Lulu
52 - Jeneil Devils
53 - British Golf Collectors' Society B
54 - Foot of Leith Walk Golfing Society II
61 - Tam O' Shanter
69 - Merchant Madams
72 - Four the love of Four

Final (10 holes)
Bruntsfield Short Hole defeated Georgian Antiques 3 & 2

3rd/4th Play off (10 holes)
Heriot's FP and Musselburgh Old Golf Club A agreed to a tie after still being level after 5 extra holes

Local councillor Marjorie Thomas again supported the event and kindly presented the trophy and quaichs donated by local business Jeneil Jewellers

About the trophy ....

The club on the Hickory Open trophy is a mashie (5 iron is the closest modern-day equivalent) and was made by Hendry and Bishop circa 1905. It is stamped as "made in Edinburgh" and was almost certainly made at their workshop in Stead's Place, Leith. It was restored and donated to the club by Philip Knowles. The mounting board and inscription were made and donated by David Kirkwood of Alexander Kirkwood & Son, Albany Street, Edinburgh