Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf - A Poem Of Winners

A Poem Of Winners

The Bruntsfield Short Hole Course should be all par three.
But there’s a difference between what happens and what should be.
Bumpy greens, long grass between them and tees.
Means a score of anything’s possible between sevens and threes.

It’s three off the tee if you’re over the path,
That has raised many a players wrath.
Pitching over a couple sharing a kiss,
Can mean that green has been given a miss.

Dogs too can cause a hazard not too sweet,
If you’re lucky the mess is only on your feet.
Cans, crisps, plastic bags, litter and more,
All are very hard to ignore.

Then there’s Jimmy who will suddenly pivot,
To run after someone who’s thrown up a divot.
In spite of these hazards you turn up to play,
You don’t let these drawbacks get in your way.

Also the weather has often been grim,
But still you have played, determined to win.
And win, some of you have done.
Here’s all the trophies on show to be won.

And you’re about to discover that some of those,
Have been won by member Stuart Rose.
New Scott Alison is getting his share,
He must be good, we have to be fair.

Alex Macrae’s got quite a collection,
Audrey Duncan’s taking home a selection.
Jimmy Morton’s lifted prizes galore,
But Paul Middleton has lifted even more.

Douggie McQueen a Medal in Spring has won,
Dave Barron in July picked up his only win.
Gordon Cochrane, he has two prizes to claim,
With myself, Bob Linton and Frazer Gordon the same.

Ian ‘hickory’ Hislop won Forth Ports and The Inches,
But the victory of all Graham Nisbet clinches.

If you didn’t win anything keep in good cheer,
You can always try harder, much harder, next year.

BSHGC Captain Alastair Stewart. (Annual Dinner 2006)